Kon-Tiki Tours
has bought the business of Lapland Leisure Tours (Lapin Lomamatkat) from 1 January 2019

Come and join the Elf School where you will learn the essential skills to become a Trainee Elf. You can make beautiful Christmas decorations and gingerbread with the elves. In the end you will receive an Elf School certificate of awarded by Santa Claus.
After all the fun, the elves will serve you a hearty lunch to fill your tummies.
Duration: approx. 1,5 hours


The Elf of Joulukka, one with age over 200 years and with pointy ears and a cute pointynose will welcome you to Joulukka. She will guide you through the candle lit path to laavu,traditional Lappish fireplace where you can enjoy hot drinks and sausage while listening the stories of the Northern Lights and might even see them dancing in the sky. Santa Claus will come to join you in laavu and you can share the precious moment withthe old man himself.


Duration: 2 hours Rumppi, dumppi ,pum…..the Trolls found their way to Joulukka and decided to teach the Elves their ways. As Elves are always so kind and flexible, they agreed that Trolls canhave their own school in Joulukka. Now the Trolls have their own “TROLL HOOL”, but what on earth are they teaching????
According to Tumppi Troll, one of the most import tasks of Troll is to appear as ugly as possible, growling the occasional big growl. Tail waving should also be mastered. 
The ZYX of cleanliness (the ABC of Trolls) are a bit upside down and you can compare it tohuman ways. The Trolls will help you through a fun day in magical Joulukka, and you can participate and dance through the TROLL HOOL day of school. To make sure that you won't go hungry, the elves will serve you a troll´s favorite food, pancakes.