Kon-Tiki Tours
has bought the business of Lapland Leisure Tours (Lapin Lomamatkat) from 1 January 2019
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What is OneLapland?
Kemi, Pyhä-Luosto, Ranua and Rovaniemi together form an entirety beyond compare, which we call OneLapland. Each of the four destinations has excellent traffic connections, and within about an hour’s drive of Rovaniemi Airport and railway station. Travelling in the area from one destination to the next is easy and comfortable, so it is well suited for family and group trips alike. OneLapland includes a wide range of attractions, various activities, and high standard accommodation and transportation alternatives.

Your story - Our finest hour
The OneLapland partners are independent tourism and service enterprises that work passionately to serve customers even better than before. They welcome visitors as their guests, doing everything that is required for making unforgettable Lappish experiences possible.