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has bought the business of Lapland Leisure Tours (Lapin Lomamatkat) from 1 January 2019


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New glass-roofed arctic view rooms offer a totally new acoomodation
experience bringing you closer to the Lappish landscape than any other hotel room or glass igloo before. All four seasons of Lapland can be experienced as arctic view rooms are designed and made for all year round use. In the winter you get closest to the winter polar nights and Aurora Borealis. The unique midsummer sun and the nightless nights in the summer gives another view to the Lappish nature. Igloos in Rovaniemi and Luosto.

Arctic Treehouse hotel offers you a brand new way to experience the Arctic Circle and the beauty of the Northern Lights in the nest like atmosphere of thoughtfully designed suites. With spectacular views over the treetops, the suites offer an exclusive combination of local tradition, Lappish heritage and modern Scandinavian design. Atmospheric lounge area invites you to relax with your friends and loved ones, while the panoramic restaurant caters delicious continental and local cuisine in unique surroundings. The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is located on the Arctic Circle in the midst of the forest, next to SantaPark.

New luxury accommodation in Santa Claus Village. Snowman World Glass Resort offers a new way to enjoy the spectacular Northern skies with modern glass structures and high standard scandinavian design. Each Glass Apartment (40m2) includes living area, mini-kitchen, bedroom upstairs with glass ceiling and own private sauna. Glass Resort offers a glass igloo type accommodation with private hot spa and sauna.

Lainio Snow Village is located between Ylläsjärvi and Kittilä. There is only about 20 minutes drive from the Kittilä airport. Inside the walls of Snow Village there is an Ice Bar, Snow Hotel, art gallery, slides for children and lots of ice and snow sculptures on the courtyard. Everything is made entirely of snow and ice. You sleep in high quality thermal sleeping bags in a round shaped igloo room. The additional value to Lainio Snow Village is the surrounding area near the village. In Lainio there is a very nice Lainio Krouvi restaurant that is in the immediate access of Snow Village. There is also a possibility for top quality accommodation in log cabins that are also within hundred meters from the village.


On the Northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia the SnowCastle of Kemi is a magnificent example of the great talent and skills of local architects and their builders. It is an excellent way to experience the coldness of an arctic night. Temparature in the hotel rooms is approximately -5ºC, but a guest will have a good night sleep in a warm sleeping bag. Restaurant offers an unforgettable experience for its visitors. Tables are made of ice, seats are covered with reindeer fur and the restaurant is decorated with ice sculptures. In the restaurant we serve hot and cold drinks, lunch and snacks, and we also serve á la carte. The Chapelhas become a long-time favourite for the visitors of the SnowCastle; it is a good place to quiet one’s mind and calm down. Several couples from all around the world have had a magnificent wedding ceremony in the chapel.

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The Arctic Snow Hotel is located in Rovaniemi, about 26 kilometres from the town’s centre. The furniture in the snow rooms is basically made of snow. The beds have been made more comfortable with soft and warm clothes and the rooms have electric lights. You may also sleep in a warm room in Lumikartano, log building. In the Snow Chapel you can spend a silent moment or perhaps have a most memorable wedding in snow-white surroundings. The hotel provides a normal sauna as well as a snow sauna with its uniquely humid atmosphere. Outside the sauna you can dip into a large hot tub under the northern lights and sip a warm drink.

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The unique Utsuvaara region is located at an altitude of more than 340 metres in the very lap of Levi Fell. Our igloos are fully roofed over with glass so that the sky at night, the Northern Lights or the white nights of summer are always just above you. The glass is heated so there is no condensation nor any draught. The most important thing of all is the motorized rotating bed in the centre of the igloo that allows you to follow the sky at your leisure! When you’re after luxury holiday accommodation, you should choose a Levi igloo kammi! The kammi is built into the side of the Fell actually forming a part of the beautiful Fell scenery. From the ‘hot spring’ of the terrace you can admire the views as far away as the gold mines of Kittilä. We will make your party and occassion unforgettable.