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The rugged landscapes of Salla are the birthplace of Finnish cross-country skiing. As far as is known, people were skiing in Salla before the Common Era, which is evident from the oldest ski in the world found in Salla that is over 5,000 years old. Salla was also the venue for Finland’s first downhill racing and slalom Finnish championships back in 1937. The well-established professionalism obtained combined with the diverse downhill skiing slopes and cross-country skiing trails to provide skiing experiences difficult to find elsewhere. Salla is surrounded by Europe’s largest wilderness region that lives its own life as it has done for millions of years – being tranquil and picturesque, wild and unable to be tamed. The proximity of Russia and the international border crossing point give the region its own mystic exoticism. You can feel the atmosphere made by history when you visit the numerous battlefields of the Second World War. War left its mark in nature, marks that can still be seen today; with war material, trenches, bunkers and landmarks.
Airport  114 km (Kuusamo)
Railway station  65 km (Kemijärvi)
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