Kon-Tiki Tours
has bought the business of Lapland Leisure Tours (Lapin Lomamatkat) from 1 January 2019

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The great fells of Enontekiö, such as Saana in Kilpisjärvi and Malla that stands watch over the nation’s oldest nature reserve, are part of the national landscape. Even on the Lappish scale, this legendary and impressive great fell region is able to offer so much more that other areas can only dream about. Enontekiö’s location itself increases its appeal – at the intersection of three national borders close to the Arctic Ocean provides plenty of opportunities to see and do something never before experienced. The treasures of Real Lapland are waiting to be discovered, so conquer the great fells and enjoy the charm at your own pace.
Airport 11 km (Enontekio) and 155 km (Kittilä)
Railway station 155 (Kolari)
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